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Body Massager Far Infrared Massage Pads Fatigue Vibration Mattress Cushion Health Care Equipment Body Massager

Body Massager Far Infrared Massage Pads Fatigue Vibration Mattress

Full-body Massage Mattress, mainly focus on neck, shoulder, waist, back, buttocks and leg.
Eight nuclear resonance massage heads, which is symmetric distribution and powerful.
With functions of infra-red light heating.
High-grade fabrics, antibiosis, excellent expansibility, durable and easy to clean.
Perfectly fits human curvature and concave-convex design.
Collapsible design, saving space and convenient to store.
Can be used at home and office.
As professional as the massagist.

Item Type: Multifunction Massager Mattress
Color: As shown in pictures
Material: 100% Polyester
Size: 166*58*2.5cm
Cable Length: 1.55m
Voltage: 220V/25w/50Hz
Weight: About 3kg
Plug Adapter: We will send you a plug adapter according to your living country, not the Voltage Transformer.

Package Included:
1 x Massager Mattress
1 x Adapter
1 x Remote Controller

Main functions:
Reduce stress, improve sleep quality.
Relax muscle, relieve pain, reduce fatigue.
Accelerate the metabolism, enhance human immunity.

Massage Mode:
F1-Scrapping: Can promote circulation, remove stasis and clear heat for detumescence.
F2-Beating: Can stimulate and adjust physiology process and eliminate fatigue.
F3-Kneading: Accelerate blood circulation and give you a thorough relaxation.
F4-Stroking: Regulating visceral activities and relaxing the muscles.
F5-Hammering: To stimulate acupuncture points and accelerate blood circulation.
F6-Shiatsu: Massage the specific points on the body to enhance human immunity.
F7-Rolling: Accelerate the metabolism and eliminate fatigue.
F8-Vibrating: Relax muscle, relieve pain and improve sleep quality.
Body Massager Far Infrared Massage Pads Fatigue Vibration Mattress Cushion Health Care Equipment Body Massager

Notice 1:
1. Use the Massage Mattress massaging for about 15 minutes at a time, 3 to 4 times a day, drink some warm
water after massaging.
2. Do not use more than 30 minutes at a time.
3. If overheating or overload, the Massage Mattress will automatically turn off, please unplug the power
cable. After cooling completely, the Massage Mattress can be continue to use.

Notice 2:
1.The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
2.Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.
3.Please allow 2-3cm error.

  • Brand Name: DISIYING
  • Model Number: mk-01
  • Size: Large
  • Application: BODY
  • Material: Non-woven
  • Condition: New
  • Body Area: Full Body

MHKBD 12/24pcs/set Vacuum Cupping Device Suction Cups Medical Sucker Magnetic Treatment Apparatus Banks Body Massage Cans

US $13.97 - 20.20
US $20.85 - 30.15

Product Description

Name:Vacuum Cupping 
Size:24cans:7cm*4pcs+6cm*4pcs+5.2cm*4pcs+5.2cm(joint cans)*2pcs+4.4cm(joint cans)*2pcs+4.4cm*4pcs+3.5cm*2pcs+3cm*2pcs
Package:In the color box(Bubble film wrapping from China shipping)
Package included:1 set 12 cans or 24 cans(with 6 or 8 magnetic needles,scraper,extension tube and English manual)
Notice:Joint cup with curved tank mouth;12 cans with 6 or 8 magnetic needles,24 cans with 8 magnetic needles.
There are four small jars under the bag with the magnetic needle.When you get the package,please check it carefully before leaving a review.


Alternative to the traditional method of cupping which burns oxygen, this vacuum cup set works by manually withdrawing the air using the self-hand pump. This creates negative pressure that draws body tissues away from the body, stimulating them at the same time. This way, rigid tissues and muscles are released and allowed to relax. Although cupping may leave the skin red after each session, it does go away after a while. The overall purpose of cupping is to relax the muscles via the pressure using the cups and to promote an all-round, better well-being. Best of all you can do it all by yourself!


No need to use fire, no breakable glasses, equally effective Chinese Cupping Therapy.Pump vacuum cupping is a modern adaption of the ancient Chinese art of fire cupping therapy. Subtle, yet very effective, it has been proven to help with relieving pain, inflammation, stress and to increase blood flow, relaxation, and improving overall well-being.A natural alternative to acupuncture, using magnetic cups over the acupuncture points combines the benefits of acupuncture and cupping along with the healing powers of magnets, which have proven to stimulate electrical currents throughout the body.
MHKBD 12/24pcs/set Vacuum Cupping Device Suction Cups
CE and FDA certification
Safe to use
Good Quality
All of the cuppings are made of high quality plastic, thick enough, durable.
Good Effect
Great products for relaxing muscles, increase blood flow and reduce inflammation (remove toxins from your body).
  • Brand Name: MHKBD
  • Model Number: C1224
  • Name: Vacuum Cupping
  • Material: Plastic
  • Quantity of cups: 12 or 24
  • Feature: Smooth cupping,Strong adsorption,strong and sturdy,easy to use
  • Efficacy: Health, relieve pain, dehumidification, etc.
  • Function: Relieve inflammation, stress and to increase blood flow, relaxation
  • Magnetic needle: Improving overall well-being,it helps blood circulation

Cupping Massager LCD Display Vacuum Suction Cups EMS Ventosas Anti Cellulite Magnet Therapy Guasha Scraping Fat Burner Slimming

Cupping Massager LCD Display Vacuum Suction

US $52.81
US $78.82
-33%New User Deal

LCD screen scraping instrument home Electric charging type heating negative pressure suction heating cupping instrument
Product principle
This product combines negative pressure suction, magnetic wave principle, fever and blood pressure reduction, acupressure, EMS myoelectric stimulation, far infrared physiotherapy and other functions. It can scrape and suck, absorb acid and dehumidify, relax spirit, regulate function, eliminate fatigue, lose fat and lose weight. The function of tightening the skin is a new generation of health equipment suitable for the family.
Negative pressure gravitation:
A. Aerobic exercise for upward absorption of skin and adipose tissue.
B. Enhanced lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
C. Elimination of toxins through the lymphatic circulation.
D. scraping
E. Cupping
Physical hyperthermia
A. Proliferate dermal collagen by thermal effects.
B. Continuous heat. Relax the nerves and release the pressure.
Magnetic wave therapy
A promotes inflammation and eliminates inflammation, swelling and pain
B. Eliminate fatigue and promote recovery.
EMS micro-electric stimulation
A stimulates the acupuncture points by micro-current, so that the meridians can be opened in an instant, and the purpose of passing through the activity is achieved.
B. The micro-current stimulates the peripheral sensory nerves, shrinking the pores and making the skin more delicate.
Far infrared therapy
A Enhance the collective immunity and the ability of tissue regeneration of biological cells to accelerate the supply of nutrients and enzymes to promote good health.
B. It can stimulate and promote cell metabolism. Elimination of venous congestion improves blood circulation, enhances cell activity and stimulates collagen regeneration, leaving skin smooth and tender.
1. Heating switch:
Press the heating button (heating icon display) and press the heating button again (the heating icon is off.)
2. Heating settings:
Press and hold the heating button for 1.2 seconds to enter the temperature setting. The LCD will display the temperature flashing. The adjustment range is 35-50 degrees Celsius. Press the heating button to cycle the temperature. Press once to adjust 1 degree Celsius. When the temperature is adjusted, the temperature shows the corresponding temperature setting. Blinking, 3 seconds without operation saves to exit the setting state, and the temperature display returns to the current temperature.
3. During heating/switching or during the process, no heating is performed when the temperature is not displayed.
About charging
1. Charge 3 hours, using about 70 minutes,
2. The product is set to the security protection mode, and automatically shuts down after 30 minutes of booting.
3. The icon flashes when charging, and the power is automatically turned off when the battery is fully charged.
1. The body has varicose veins and should not be used.
2. It is not suitable for use during pregnancy or menstruation.
3. Because the blood is concentrated in the digestive system after meals, it should not be used.
4. After use, the surface of the skin is dilated. You should rest for 30-45 minutes before bathing.
5. When using, you should follow the same direction.
6. Due to the phenomenon of sputum caused by negative pressure gravitation, it should be suspended for several days.
pay attention:
1 Before use, take a few drops of essential oil and apply it evenly around the skin. Massage until the skin is moisturized to avoid dryness and discomfort.
2. Do not apply too much essential oil to avoid product blockage.massage
Cupping Massager LCD Display Vacuum Suction

  • Brand Name: MERALL
  • Model Number: Heating cupping instrument
  • Electric cupping device: Fat burner Body Slimming
  • Anti Cellulite Suction cup: vacuum cupping therapy
  • cupping massager: Stimulate Acupoint Body Slimming
  • cans for massage: massage jars Muscle Stimulator
  • Function: Cupping ,scraping,Magnet,ems
  • Rechargeable: Health care
  • EMS Massager: Fat burning Weight Loss Body Slimming
  • Input voltage: 100V-240V
  • Power: 20W
  • Operating Voltage: 9V

40K Cavitation Ultrasonic Weight Loss Beauty Machine New Touch Button Control Multipolar RF Body Skin Tighten Anti-wrinkle 101A

US $120.04
US $171.48
Cavitation Ultrasonic Machine

Item Type:Cavitation Ultrasonic Machine
  1. Ultrasonic cavitation
An ultrasonic cavitation generator is based on the resonance of pressure waves,the ultrasound waves are conducted through the skin, penetrate directly into the adipose tissue and break it up into small pieces causing micro-bubbles which turn fat into a liquid substance.
  1. RF
Using the unique deep-heating technology (radio frequency plasma technology),rapidly changes electric field polarity which alternately attracts and repels electrons and charged ions in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.That it can change the collagen formation and encourages fibroblast migration and laying down of new collagen. RF technology  RF can be offered for the improvement of skin laxity, wrinkles and facial contours.
  1. Rapid vibration of adipocytes, producing countless vacuum bags into and out of cells. The body normally consumes and then expelled from the body.
  2. Provide skin oxygen and organic nutrition, enhance cell function, promote blood and lymphatic circulation, activate metabolism, remove and soften orange peel tissue, so as to achieve body slimming and cosmetic effect.
  3. The use of special intensity ultrasound technology in the world, can be targeted at obesity explosion, in the use of the process, no damage to blood vessels, nerves and tissues.
  4. The whole process is completed without surgery and anesthesia. It will not cause uneven skin. Comfortable, painless, safe in the course of treatment.
  5. The risk of no side effects and weight gain is quite obvious. Non invasive treatment does not affect normal work and life. The length of each head is very convenient for beauticians to operate. It will not cause bleeding, swelling and blood stasis.
Carefully read the use manual before you use.
Cavitation Ultrasonic Weight Loss Beauty MachineCavitation Ultrasonic Weight Loss Beauty Machine
  • Brand Name: iebilif
  • Power Source: electric
  • Material: Plastic
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
  • Type: Cavitation Ultrasonic Machine
  • Power Source: EU
  • Power Source: UK
  • Power Source: AU
  • Power Source: US
  • Model Number: LMH191201-02
  • Item Name: Weight Losing Beauty Machine
  • Model Number: 101A
  • Item: Weight Losing Device
  • Apply to: Belly, Back, Arm and Butt
  • Usage: Weight Loss, Body Shaping
  • Type: 40K Cavitation Ultrasonic
  • Type 1: Multipolar Radio Frequency Lifting
  • Type 2: Red Light Photon Therapy
  • Type 3: Skin Tighten Anti-wrinkle
  • Type 4: Face and Body Massage
  • Type 5: New Touch Button Control
  • Type 6: Fat Burner Body Weight Lose

Vamsluna Fat Freezing Machine Body Slimming Fat Freeze Lipo Anti Cellulite Cold Therapy Fat Burner Weight Loss Device

US $88.40 - 97.50
US $136.00 - 150.00

Fat Freezing Machine Body Slimming Fat Freeze Lipo Anti Cellulite Cold Therapy Fat Burner Weight Loss Device

- Fast to freeze fat
- Shape a perfect body for you!
- Tightening and slimming

1. Through lipolysis s ubstance  technology, aimed at fat removal, without damaging any of the surrounding tissues or the skin.
2. Safe and precise cooling function for comfortable treatment procedure.
3. The device uses pure copper for cooling, and the air cooling system for rapid cooling.
4. Without any restore period, easy to operation and non stimulation to your skin.
5. Especially suitable for slimming tummy, arms, thighs, shanks, lifting hips and other body part..

Item Type: Slimming Device
Color: White
Treatment area: 98 x 98mm / 3.9 x 3.9inch
Maximum Cooling Temperature: 5°C
Treatment Time: 1-30mins
Input Voltage: AC 12V 
Voltage: 110-120V/220-240V
Maximum Power: 65W
Optional Plugs: EU Plug, US Plug, UK Plug, AU Plug
Size: Approx.20 x 13 x 6.5cm / 7.9 x 5.1 x 2.6inch
Weight: Approx.1522g


Package Includes:
1 x Main Machine
1 x Cable
1 x Fastener
1 x Manual

How to do the treatment?
With a marker select the area you want to treat (any use anywhere!) Most popular areas are the hips 'love handles', tummy, inner and outer thighs and arms.
Apply the antifreeze membrane sheet on the same area.
Place the machine on top of the antifreeze membrane sheet to start the treatment. Simply chose time for treatment. Do not try it over a hour at the first time.
After using the machine, massage the treated area in circular motions for at least 5 minutes.

1. This cooling slimming machine must be use with Antifreeze Membranes .
2. People who has wound are not allow to use this machine.
3. Pregnant women can’t use this machine.
4. People who has metal inside their body are not allow to use.
5. People who implants spun gold are not allow to use.
6. Women who are in menstruation are not allow to use.
7. People who has congenital heart diseases are not allow to use this machine.
8. People who are taking hormone medicines are not allow to use this machine.
9. During the treatment, please avoid Three High food, and eat mild food.

*The temperature of the working machine is Negative 5 degrees Celsius
* Body surface feels 5 degrees Celsius
* Please use one part for 10 minutes, twice a week.

  • Brand Name: VamsLuna
  • Type: Slimming Wraps
  • NET WT: 0.65kgs
  • Model Number: FUN08281
  • Item Type: Weight Loss Creams
  • Treatment area: 98*98mm
  • Refrigerating medium: Air cooling system
  • Item Name: Fat Freeze Slimming Machine
  • Treatment temperature: -5 to 5 degree
  • Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Treatment time: 1-30 minutes
  • Maximum Power: 65W
  • Input Voltage: AC 12V
  • Function: Body Slimming, Lose Weight, B